The bell tolls

The bell tolls

to tell the time-

the time that tells

of trials and trophies

waxing and waning

like the moon in each cycle.

She alone watches

every sigh in the night

but can ne’er push forward or back

the times.



Lost and Found

When you loose someone
You don’t loose all of them…
You don’t loose the books they stacked in the study
or the cups they once touched
You don’t loose their handwriting scrawled in an old notebook
or the bed in which they once lay.
When you loose someone
you don’t loose them all.
You might forget a little
as the years go by-
the books may be re-stacked,
the cups may chip
and pages do fade
Sometimes you may even clear some things to make room for others
But when you loose someone
you don’t loose them all..
A part of you will always hold them
No matter how many seasons have weathered your soul;
Whether you sit in the rain
and let the drops run down your cheek
or dance, hands thrown up
as the music fills the air;
Either way…when you loose someone
you will never loose all of them
because despite the years,
they always have some place
in your heart.

Junk Time.

You are what you eat.

I’ve seen the message in books, on radio and on television. It does have some merit. It is important to realise that the food we eat every day will have an impact on our health and our life. Often on days when I eat tons of junk food, I don’t feel healthy or up to much at all!

Today I felt challenged to think about how this idea applies to the other aspects of my life as well. What other things am I eating that are nice in the moment but are doing me damage in the long run?

What thoughts, books, movies, internet surfing, activities and words consume my time and my life?

How might I change these things to align with the sort of life I want to live, the sort of person I’d like to be?

How can I spend my time and my interests and my lifestyle in a way that brings greater glory and honour to God?

Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. (NKJV)