a mobile generation

A mobile world,

a mobile phone

a mobile life we seek to lead-

moving, travelling, chasing some need

As Generation Y

we find ourselves

hunting for a home,

searching the New Territory; an internet drone.

Instagram, snapchat, facebook, tweet

“This food looks great…

Let’s take a pic before we eat”


Some break off, “Slow down” they warn

Getting smaller and smaller

as the connections get shorn-

But how to return to a less mobile life

Perhaps more steady,

perhaps with less strife?

How to be less available

to a world demanding more-

More time, money, thought consumption

it outsources many a chore

whilst trading in for new ones as we

tap, chat, send and reply

To an message we’re late for

that’s only just come by.

Mobility is wonderful,

it is freeing indeed

but just ensure we’re not the ones

trapped in with created need.



The Year Long Patient

Will held my hand with his own;

I could feel the calloused skin which turned dirt for years-

Growing a living out of the earth

Finding water where there was no rain,

Making shelter where there was all sun.

He turned my ear with his sighs;

I remember him stumbling over the phone buttons

As he asked me to call his wife

To tell her the truth of his health,

That he’d likely not make it home with his life.

He caught my gaze with his eyes;

Eyes that had been taped shut through

Procedure after procedure after procedure –

Eyes that had blinked through

Seven hundred and thirty tea times on the ward,

Eyes that had seen through

Over a thousand changes of nursing shifts.

Will shared his own hopes;

Telling us that he was still there –

Trying to fight as hard as he could,

That we should leave no avenue unexplored,

No options unconsidered – a battler til the last

He held on that day – when all hope was crumbling away

As his family kept vigil by his side

Two days later he did know it was his time to go

And he left us with an ache in our heart.

Fool’s Gold

She was standing before a crowd of faces
which had Once seemed to smile
but the closer she came
she came to realise that their eyes were vacant-
their heart and soul had taken leave.
That of all the people who had responded to her
call to “Come on board!” her one prized ship
to seek a Great Adventure,
there were only a few faithful to form a crew she might
truly rely on.
She grimaced but shrugged-
for Fool’s Gold has little Worth.

The bell tolls

The bell tolls

to tell the time-

the time that tells

of trials and trophies

waxing and waning

like the moon in each cycle.

She alone watches

every sigh in the night

but can ne’er push forward or back

the times.



She was falling

She was falling
like Alice as she fell through the rabbit hole
passing books and clocks
little figurines and faces
the rushing Rabbit’s old to-do lists,
blue dress and white apron billowing in the draft-
the smell of something exotic
seemed to tease in the undercurrents
which carried her away as
she wondered when she might
if ever
she would touch the
ground and find herself
in a whole other

from whence it came

Sometimes when there is too much give or tension on both ends…
the threads of a friendship start to bend.
Slowly at first, not noticed
but sooner or later, faster and more often
the push of momentum wears even the closest.
We become too tired to sew patches on
knit loose ends back in
before times have gone;

And that oft worn jumper that was loved so well?
Unravels into a ball of string.

String that may have all the potential in the world
but without attention to stop the unfurl…

It easily breaks
and does not keep away the cold.

work in progress!

Live in This Contentment

I. To Live

The other day,

I somehow found myself


It manifested itself in the reams of pages I read and movies I watched;

I think I was seeking to live vicariously

because I was too scared to live on my own.

Because it is hard, my child, I know-

That thing we call


What a terrifying word that strikes awe in the heart.


That cannot be captured in a mere song or story-

for it is only by experience, by moment and moment, stacked together

into a crystalline palace-that only you can see the way through-that you work to-to know-

what it is to


II. In This Contentment

And why are there so many people

living with greedy eyes and hands?

They long for more, they want and hanker and hunger for more

of all the wrong things

that will never fill them up.

That will never satisfy.

For what is true contentment

but that to know


and to know

that all the worldly things He has given us

will surely pass away?

So do not worry over your lack

but rejoice in your love,

Do not think to purchase more

but choose to make people moved

To want, to want, to want? To live in discontent?


To be, to be, to be…

To be loved so much Christ died for you

To be loving to all-the great and small-

To rejoice in every breath that is our gift and never our right…

That is

to live in this contentment.


Inspiration of the day:

1 Timothy 6:6 & James 1.

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