Fool’s Gold

She was standing before a crowd of faces
which had Once seemed to smile
but the closer she came
she came to realise that their eyes were vacant-
their heart and soul had taken leave.
That of all the people who had responded to her
call to “Come on board!” her one prized ship
to seek a Great Adventure,
there were only a few faithful to form a crew she might
truly rely on.
She grimaced but shrugged-
for Fool’s Gold has little Worth.

August 12, 2012

I had this as a draft at August 12th; I’m not sure what my day was like, but it mustn’t have been that good :p

But I kind of liked the nanopiece I wrote, so here it is:


“She looked up at the leaking ceiling.

Why was there always so much water?”

Catching and Dropping

After boiling the eggs for several minutes

Pour the hot water


And let the cold water flow


Take two eggs

Tap them against each other to

Break the shells in parts

For easy peeling off…

Strangely when I do it, only

one egg seems to crack

Not both.

It is the same sort of feeling as when I caught a cup from falling off a table but dropped my fork


Sometimes doing simple things is hard.


Sometimes we forsake one thing for another. Sometimes we don’t even notice until it’s too late. This is a poem/piece of prose about such moments.

Are the flowers in my life cut or planted?

Life is full of would haves, could haves, should haves… We juggle the priorities trying to keep Everything from reaching the ground. We don’t want to break our word, our promises, our whimsical dreams…and yet…they seem to be so fragile and frail. We don’t always know what to do, how to spend our life.

Just as flowers cut from the soil do not last long in water, some things are temporary. They can be enjoyed, but have no impact on the earth. We know the best flowers come from the process of planting, the watering, with sun and rain from heaven. Over time and with dedication these plants grow through the years, sometimes flowering, sometimes growing, sometimes pruned but always alive…unlike our picked posies which dry and crumble with the rest of the earth.


She is tired and weary-

Burdens strapped to her back

Hands grasping

bags crammed

from the recent Life Sales:

20% off Inflatable guilt,

A handy pack of travel sized worries guaranteed to bring stress into any situation

and of course,

Two for the price of one weariness and sloth

She has been caught up in the frenzied masses and has been window shopping so long

That she has forgot that there’s no room in their house for such things

When she sees him

to bring Him her latest purchases

He shakes his head and says

“My child, haven’t I raised you for something better than this?

Have my sacrifices in my life for your life been so easily dismissed?

Are not the blessings I have freely and generously provided for you enough? Why do you seek to furnish your house with this worthless junk? I have given you everything you need.”

And weeping,

She falls to her knees and asks for forgiveness

enveloped in his unfailing love.

Discarded, her burdens and baggage

Roll down the hill

as she casts all her cares onto Him.


“To commit to something in Hebrew is called Galal. It means to roll on another. To roll on God when we commit our ways to Him.” -J.Lim

life instructions

Handle with Care
Place Right way Up
Not suitable for machine wash
Designed to fade naturally

No exchange or refunds

This is a quality product
Hand made with love.