August 12, 2012

I had this as a draft at August 12th; I’m not sure what my day was like, but it mustn’t have been that good :p

But I kind of liked the nanopiece I wrote, so here it is:


“She looked up at the leaking ceiling.

Why was there always so much water?”

When things go up, when things go down, don’t be a clown!

“Live in the moment and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering” – Fanny Crosby

Running on lines, not air

The world is dripping
raindrops keep skipping
ropes tangle and
unfold into a piece
of cake that crumbles
like the snow
flakes melting
into the world.


“Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.” – Max Ehrmann

Misdiagnosis [nanoism/flash fiction]

He sent a piece of his heart off for diagnosis, but signed the delivery wrong. All he had to show for it was a bottle of sugar pills, a scar on his chest and a chronic ache for true company.

We need to teach

“We need to teach our daughters
The Difference between
A man who flatters her
and a man who compliments her,
a man who spends money on her
and a man who invests in her.
A man who views her as property
and a man who views her properly,
a man who lusts after her
and a man who Loves her.
A man who believes he is God’s gift to woman
and a man who remembers a woman was God’s gift to man
and then we need to teach our sons to be that kind of man”


A glass of hope

It didn’t seem kind
that one of her hopes;
(a rainbow wind chime hanging off the curtain rod in her room,
which sounded such pretty lights
as the sunlight danced about—and she did too—)
should drop so

leaving her with a trial of broken glass and fractured dreams.

Her friends told her it was better to store her other hopes
into boxes with cotton wool
tucked safely away
but she wondered where the sunlight would scatter and dance once more?

Hopes and dreams may shatter and fall
but it doesn’t make them the less beautiful,
just the more precious…

And perhaps, if the time comes when all have broken apart or grown wings and flown,
the reality and dream will meet
as glass melts away
and forms come what may…

So til then, a little girl  hangs up her hopes by the window and lets the sunshine ring in.

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